DellTM StatisticaTM Enterprise

Dell Statistica Enterprise offers:

    • Knowledge-sharing for users of all levels of responsibilities

    • Comprehensive set of SPC tools

    • Easy-to-use interface; comprehensive Help topics included with the program

    • Complete customization using the industry standard VB scripting and HTML

    • Complete Web enablement using the optional Statistica Enterprise Server

Compatible and Linkable, Company-wide

Compatible with and linkable to any industry-standard enterprise-wide database management system (including scalable systems such as Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2; MS Access versions for smaller installations also available).

Easy-to-Use and Comprehensive

  • Features user-friendly, practical organization for technicians without sacrificing comprehensive techniques used by supervisors and engineers.

  • Real-Time Operation, Alarm Notification

  • QC charts are automatically updated when new samples enter the database; automatic alarms (an e-mail or page sent to a supervisor, process stops) can be triggered when a user-defined event (out of control sample or runs-rule violation) occurs.

Efficient Data Mining, OLAP Tool

Functions as an on-line analytical processing tool capable of automatically or interactively performing and updating analyses of data following predefined scripts; reports can be automatically printed or saved in rich text format (read by virtually all word processors), and html format (for reviewing with a web browser).

True Groupware Functionality

Allows for collaborative work, including the sharing of data, queries, scripts of reports and analyses, as well as all forms of output.

Security, Access Privileges

Information available to individual end-users can be easily and centrally administered, so that the user has access only to particular aspects of data and operations.

Data Analysis Tools (integrated into Statistica Enterprise or available as stand-alone products)

Statistica Enterprise offers unmatched analytic, exploratory, and reporting power through its fully integrated access to all tools of Statistica (the most comprehensive data analysis, graphics, reporting, and application development system). Depending on the specific configuration, different components of the Statistica line of data analysis tools can be made available to different categories of Statistica Enterprise users. Many of those tools are also available in single-user versions as stand-alone products. These tools include the largest selection of DOE (Design of experiments), Industrial Process Analysis, Modeling, Exploratory, Data Mining, and many other Knowledge Discovery tools (including the most comprehensive implementations of such specialized methods as Statistica Automated Neural Networks and Power Analysis available on the market).