Statistica Projects FAQ

Q. What are the benefits of Statistica projects?

A. A project makes it possible for you to save your work and return to it exactly as you left it. All needed files and dialog boxes are restored by opening one project file. Another benefit is sharing. When you save a project file, you can share your analyses, including the analysis dialog boxes in use, with colleagues.


Q. Is it better to embed documents or link them?

A. Both embedding and linking documents have their advantages. Embedding all files makes the project completely portable. The project can be opened on a different machine without need for the same access to local and network paths. Everything needed is included in the project file.  

Linking files in a project offers a few advantages. A linked project file is much smaller than a project with all files embedded. The data and output are saved outside of the project and, therefore, can be accessed individually.


Q. Can I open more than one project at a time?

A. Only one project file can be opened within one instance of Statistica. Opening multiple instances of Statistica will enable a different project file to be opened in each Statistica window.


Q. When I open my project file, I get an error message that states, "Not all of the documents in the project could be opened."  What does this mean?

A. Most likely, a file that is linked to the project has either been moved or is otherwise inaccessible. When the input data file cannot be opened, the analyses attached to this input file will also not be opened.