Statistica Projects Overview

Statistica projects provide the means to save your work and return to it later. A project is a snapshot of Statistica at the time it was saved, i.e., the tool saves your input data, results (graphs, spreadsheets, etc.), analyses and/or Data Miner workspaces that are currently open into a single project. Upon opening the project, all of these items will be restored exactly as they were when the project was saved. This tool is a time saver, as it allows you to continue the analysis as opposed to starting it over again.  

With Statistica projects, you can switch between tasks with ease, saving the existing project for later use, and then opening a different project to resume previous work. This keeps different tasks separate and easily accessible.

Another benefit is the ability to share projects  with colleagues. By embedding the input spreadsheet, workspace, output, etc., the project file contains everything needed for anyone to continue the analysis.  

Global options can be set to automatically open the last project used. In the Options dialog box - General tab, the Open most recently used project option button is selected by default. Automatically, upon opening Statistica, the last project used is opened, providing a seamless continuation of your work.

Creating and Saving a New Project

Carry out your analysis as usual. When you reach a place to which you want to return later, save the project by selecting Save Project on the File tab or menu. At any point in your analysis, a Statistica project can be saved. Additionally, Statistica will prompt you to save the project upon exiting the program. Now you can close the project and Statistica, and return to the project later, or the project can be modified by continuing the analysis, opening and creating new files, beginning, closing, or modifying analyses, etc. When finished, save the project again. To save project changes as a new project file, select Save Project As on the File tab or menu.

Opening a Project

Opening a Statistica project will return the data, results and analysis dialog boxes associated with that project to your screen. If other items are currently open in Statistica when the project is opened, you will be prompted to save changes to these items. They will be closed when the project is opened.

When the Open most recently used project option button is selected in the Options dialog box - General tab, the  last project used will automatically open when Statistica is launched. However, if you hold down the CTRL key while Statistica is launched, no project will open regardless of the setting in the Options dialog box - General tab.

To open an existing Statistica project:

  1. Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. Click Project, and then click Open to display the Open Statistica Project dialog box. Classic menus. On the File menu, select Open Project to display the Open Statistica Project dialog box.

  2. Statistica Project files (*.spf) is selected by default in the Files of type field.

  3. On the Look in drop-down box, select the folder where the desired project resides.

  4. Select the desired project file, and click the Open button.   

Modifying a Project

Saved projects can be updated to add (or remove) data, output, analyses, etc., at any time. After opening the project, continue the data analysis. Upon saving it, the new analyses are then contained in the project.