Knowledge Portal (an Interactive Output Portal)

The Knowledge Portal is a powerful, Web-based knowledge-sharing tool that enables your customers and colleagues (with appropriate permissions) to log in and quickly and efficiently review output from Statistica Enterprise Server or Statistica using a familiar tree-style viewer tool.

With the Knowledge Portal tools, you can post up-to-date reports, charts, and tables on the Internet automatically, virtually in real time, and without knowledge of HTML or Java programming languages.

The product is available in two versions:

  • The Knowledge Portal enables users (with proper permissions) to log on to your Knowledge Portal Web site and review Statistica output, organized in an intuitive and easy-to-manage tree-view format.

  • Interactive Knowledge Portal includes additionally powerful, interactive data drill-down/up and slicing/dicing tools with a graphical user interface, which enable users to interactively explore the data and create various analytic views of selected subsets (graphs of sales figures, but only for the Western Region and for the first quarter of this year).


The Knowledge Portal application system features a powerful report generation tool for creating highly customized reports, formatted the way that you want, and at times that you choose. You can set up templates for the reports that you need on a regular basis. For each report, you can create titles, supplementary text, headers and footers, and embedded graphics to complement its charts and tables. These templates are saved in the system for access by all users with the necessary permissions. Additionally, you control how often the reports are updated and output is generated. The reports can be automatically printed or saved in HTML format for posting on the Intranet or Internet. For example, you may want your colleagues at other sites to be able to access hourly-updated quality summaries via your company's Intranet.

These applications take advantage of the latest Internet technology to create the ultimate knowledge-sharing tools for your business.

Interactive Drill-down Explorer

This powerful interactive tool (included in the Interactive version of the Knowledge Portal) contains options to request graphs and tables that summarize the data, and an intuitive tool to select subsets, drill-down and up the data (to  slice and dice  them) by clicking on specific bars of the Explorer graph.

Whenever the user requests a new subset, the views of data (tables and graphs) are updated to reflect the change. The Explorer adds a new dimension to the Knowledge Portal and converts this powerful report distribution facility into a flexible, interactive analytic tool.

See also, Web Enablement - Statistica Enterprise Server.