About Statistica - License Tab

Select the License tab of the About Statistica dialog box to access information about Statistica, including the software version, license information, and serial number.

Statistica's Advanced Graphics Capabilities uses Direct2D functionality. Information about whether this functionality is available on your computer is displayed on this tab.

Dell contact information is also listed on this tab.

Copy to the Clipboard.

Click this button to copy information about Statistica to the clipboard. The information includes the software version, serial number, core number, and expiration date.

License Management.

 Click this button to display the License Management dialog box, where you can view available license counts and check-in/check-out licenses for offline use.

Show Statistica Licensing dialog on startup.

Select this check box to display the licensing dialog box when Statistica is opened. This option clears the Don't remind me again check box in the Statistica Licensing dialog box.

NOTE: This check box isn't available to change if Statistica isn't fully registered. When Statistica is fully registered, this check box becomes active with 31 to 44 days remaining on the current license. If more than 44 days remain on the current license, this check box is unavailable and the licensing dialog box isn't displayed at startup. With 30 days or less left on the current license, the licensing dialog box is automatically displayed at startup, and this check box isn't available, nor is the Don't remind me again check box in the licensing dialog box.