Create New Document - Office Document Tab

Select the Office Document tab of the Create New Document dialog box to access options to create an Excel document or a Word document.

Type. Select either the Excel option button or the Word option button to create the respective Office document.

Placement. Use the options in the Placement group box to choose whether to create the Office document within a new workbook or as a stand-alone document. For more information about workbooks, see the Workbook Overview.

In a new Workbook. If you select this option button, STATISTICA creates a new workbook and inserts the new report inside it. Note that if you select this option and later decide you want to save the report as a stand-alone file, you can extract the report (or a copy of it) from the workbook using either the Workbook Extract Original or Workbook Extract Copy option.

As a stand-alone window. If you select this option button, STATISTICA creates the report as a single document (not part of any workbook). After creating the report, you can add it to the analysis workbook, a new workbook, or any open workbook via the Home tab - Output group - Add to Workbook option (ribbon bar) or the File - Workbook menu (classic menus). See Add to Analysis Workbook and New Workbook for more details.