Open Excel Workbook

Click the Import all sheets to a Workbook button in the Opening File dialog box to display the Open Excel Workbook dialog box, which contains options for importing the worksheet to a workbook. Note that, when an Excel file is open in Statistica, Reporting Tables are available from the Data menu.

Note: STATISTICA stores dates as the number of days since January 1, 1900. This number of days is often called a Julian date. By default, Excel also stores dates in this manner, but provides an additional option to use January 1, 1904 as the base date rather than January 1, 1900. When importing an Excel file that has this 1904 option set, Statistica will automatically adjust the Julian date to offset from January 1, 1900. This makes the dates display the same in both Excel and Statistica, though the underlying numbers are different. See also, How are dates represented in Statistica data files?

See also, Opening Document Objects in Statistica.

File name. The name of the Excel file is displayed in the File name box.

For each imported sheet. The following options are listed under For each imported sheet.

Ask me about formatting. When this check box is selected, after clicking the OK button, the Open Excel File dialog box is displayed, where you can specify the desired format.

Get variable names from first row. Select the Get variable names from first row check box import the first row of the worksheets as the variable names rather than the first column.

Get case names from first column. Select the Get case names from first column check box to import the first column of the worksheets as the case names rather than the first row.

Import cell formatting. Select the Import cell formatting check box to specify that the formatting will be imported to the new spreadsheet.

Don't create text labels for numeric variables. Excel spreadsheet data can contain numbers and text. When this check box is selected, it causes missing data to be placed in the cell in place of a text label/value pair. If the target variable is text, this option has no effect.