Opening File

When you choose to open an Excel file from the Open dialog box [accessible by clicking Open in the File group on the Home tab (ribbon bar), or by selecting Open from the File menu (classic menus)], the Opening file dialog box is displayed, which is used to import the Excel file into either a Statistica Workbook or Spreadsheet, or as an Excel workbook.

Once the Excel file is opened, you can use it as an analysis data source within Statistica. For more details, see Using Excel files in Statistica.

Import all sheets to a Workbook. Click the Import all sheets to a Workbook button to display the Open Excel Workbook dialog box, which contains additional options for importing the Excel file to a Statistica Workbook.

Import selected sheet to a Spreadsheet. Click the Import selected sheet to a Spreadsheet button to display the Select Sheet to Import dialog box, where you can specify a specific Excel sheet to import to a Statistica stand-alone window.

Open as an Excel workbook. Click the Open as Excel workbook button to open the selected Excel file in Statistica using ActiveX technology. The Excel and Statistica menus and toolbars will merge, providing access to Excel functionality.

Set as default. Select this check box to set the default handling of Excel sheets on import. To clear this check box, use the options on the Import tab of the Options dialog box.