Text File Import Type

When you import a text file into Statistica [select Open from the File menu to display the Open dialog box, select a text file (*.txt), and click the OK button], the Importing file dialog box is displayed. Here you can specify to import the text as a Statistica Spreadsheet or a Statistica Report. If you prefer always to import text as a spreadsheet, select the Import as Spreadsheet option button and the Set as default check box, and click the OK button. Another way to do this is by selecting the Import as Spreadsheet option button on the Options dialog box - Import tab.

Then, the next time you import a text file, the Text File Import Type dialog box is displayed.

Import type. In this group box, select either Delimited or Fixed.

Delimited. A text file with separators between data elements, e.g., tab characters or commas.

Fixed. A text file that has a fixed size for number of characters in each line.

OK. Click the OK button to close this dialog box and display either the Import Delimited Text Files dialog box or the Import Fixed Text Files dialog box, according to which option is selected in the Import type group box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close this dialog box without importing a text file.