Options - Configurations

In the Options dialog box, select the Configurations tab to access options to create, manage, and modify separate configurations of Statistica. Note that you must restart Statistica for the new configuration to take effect.

Name. Names of configurations are listed in the Name column.  

Description. User-entered descriptions of configurations are listed in the Description column.

Last Saved. The date the configuration was last saved is listed in the Last Saved column.

Active Configuration. The currently used configuration is reported in the Active Configuration field.

Select. Click this button to restart Statistica using the selected configuration.

Save. Click this button to save changes to the currently selected configuration. Note that when you click the OK button in the Options dialog box, changes are automatically saved to the currently active configuration (this is not necessarily the selected configuration).

New. Click this button to create a new configuration. A prompt will be displayed where you can specify whether you want to create a configuration based on an existing configuration.

Delete. Select a configuration and click the Delete button to delete the selected configuration.

Reset. Click this button to reset the active configuration to a fresh state.

Rename. Select a configuration and click the Rename button to display the Specify Configuration Information dialog box, in which you can change the configuration name and description.

Import. Click this button to display a standard Open dialog box, in which you select the *.xml file containing the configuration you want to import.

Export. Click this button to export a configuration to an *.xml file. You will be asked which configuration you want to export.