Options - Documents: Streaming DB Connector

In the Options dialog box, select the Streaming DB Connector tab (located under Documents) to access options to configure operation of the (optional) Streaming Database Connector component of Statistica, which is used to access remote databases directly without having to import the data first and save them in Statistica data files on the local storage device (for more information see Streaming database connector).

Number of cases (rows). This group box contains the following options:

Automatically determine. The number of cases or rows returned from a query may not be known when an analysis requires this information. For example, when a server side forward only cursor is used, the exact number of cases is not known until a complete pass through the data has been done, or if using asynchronous fetching with a client side cursor, the exact number of cases is not known until the fetching completes  If the Automatically determine option button is selected, then when an analysis needs to know the number of cases before this information is available, a separate query will be run to determine the number of cases.

Assume fewer than. If this option button is selected, all requests for the number of cases in the data set will return this number. If there are actually less than this number of cases, the analysis will treat the 'missing' cases as missing data. If there are more cases than this, the analysis will ignore them.

Preview the first _ cases. This box specifies how many rows returned from the query are displayed in the document. Note that when a forward only cursor is used, only one case will be previewed. This is to prevent advancing the cursor beyond the first case; otherwise if and when an analysis requires the first case, the query would have to be re-run.

Trim trailing blanks from text fields. Select this check box to automatically remove trailing blanks from text fields during the processing of (text) data from streaming database connections. Typically, trailing blank spaces are only used to "pad" text fields to a specific length; selecting this option (leaving this default) will typically improve the speed with which the system will process text values.

For more information, see also, Streaming Database Connector Technology (Technical Overview) and Streaming Database Connector FAQs.