Options - Server/Web

In the Options dialog box, select the Server/Web tab to access options to configure the built-in web browser and enable/control the operation of Statistica Enterprise Server integration with Statistica.

Statistica Enterprise Server extends the capabilities of the Statistica platform, turning several stand-alone workstations into a powerful, enterprise-wide collaborative-intelligence system. For an overview of Statistica Enterprise Server technology and a description of advantages that it provides, see Web Enablement - Statistica Enterprise Server.

One of the key features of Statistica Enterprise Server's client-server architecture is that it enables users to utilize server-side resources to run multiple, possibly time-consuming or repetitive statistical analyses (offload tasks to the server), while at the same time freeing the local system for other tasks that require users' immediate attention.

This can be achieved either using a Web browser (thin client) or desktop version of Statistica (thick client, Statistica Enterprise Server client). While the former allows access to Statistica Enterprise Server from a browser, the latter requires Statistica installation on the user’s workstation. Statistica Enterprise Server's tight integration with the Statistica application provides common user experience and workflow for both client and server-side operations, a generally more feature-rich and responsive user interface and all the additional components and tools of desktop Statistica.

Enable Statistica Enterprise Server Integration. Select this check box to enable optional integration with Statistica Enterprise Server. When you click the OK button to apply the changes, the Server menu is displayed next to the Format menu in Statistica (classic menus), and the Server tab is displayed next to the Home tab (ribbon bar).

Server Location. This group box contains the following options:

Use Custom Settings. Select this check box to modify server location components. Enable this mode only if specifically instructed to do so by your network administrator.

Enable Integrated Login. If this feature is supported and enabled on the server, selecting this check box enables seamless authentication to Statistica Enterprise Server without a prompt for your credentials. Otherwise, you will need to enter your user name and password when logging on to Statistica Enterprise Server.

Login on startup. Select this check box to automatically log on to Statistica Enterprise Server on startup. Depending on the Enable Integrated Login setting, you may be prompted for server-side credentials.

Host/Port/Site/Extensions. This set of edit boxes represents the server location on the internet or local intranet. The only required parameter is the network path to the server (Host), which is a domain name or a UNC server name (e.g. statisticaenterpriseserver.companyname.com or \\intranet-server without backslash symbols). The rest of these settings are usually left to their default values. To modify Port/Site/Extensions, select the Use Custom Settings check box. Ask your network administrator for these values.


Allow scripting access to Application object. Statistica exposes a scriptable object called Statistica.ApplicationProxy to scripts loaded by the Web pages running in its built-in Web browser. This setting determines whether the call to retrieve the Application property of this object succeeds (select the Yes option button), fails (select the No option button), or prompts the user for permission to allow access to this property (select the Always Prompt option button). This option is of interest to developers and the users of custom solutions based on the Statistica platform as it allows scripting access to the Statistica Automation interface. Your network administrator might ask you to modify this option.