Select Data Source

Use the options in this dialog box to select a data source for the current analysis or data mining project.

Note that Statistica and Statistica Data Miner can handle not only standard data spreadsheets for input, but can also process large data sets in remote databases in-place. See Streaming Database Connector for additional details.

A list of files is located in the center of the dialog box that shows all currently open data sources (data files or database connections).

OK. Click this button to specify the selected spreadsheet as the one on which the analysis should be performed.

Cancel. Click this button to exit the Select Data Source dialog box without selecting a spreadsheet.

Files. Click this button to display the standard tool for browsing and selecting data files.

Enterprise Data. Click this button to display the Select Enterprise Data Configuration dialog box, which displays Enterprise objects from which to select and insert into the workspace.

See also, Data Mining Definition, Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner, Structure and User Interface of Statistica Data Miner, Statistica Data Miner Summary, and Getting Started with Statistica Data Miner.