Data Mining - Data Mining - Workspaces Data Miner - General Classifier (Trees and Clusters)

Ribbon bar. Select the Data Mining tab. In the Tools group, click Workspaces. From the menu, select General Classifier (Trees and Clusters)...

Classic menus. On the Data Mining menu, select Data Mining - Workspaces Data Miner - General Classifier (Trees and Clusters)... explore a suite of data mining methods for determining the optimal way to classify observations into meaningful clusters, nodes, or market segments. Selecting this command will display a submenu containing the following commands:

Quick Linear Models Project

Advanced Comprehensive Classifiers Project

Build Your Own Project

Data from remote servers can be directly queried and processed in place without having to import them to the local storage (see Streaming Database Connector Technology). Successful models can be deployed for repeated or routine use. Note that this is a module of the Statistica Enterprise-Wide Data Mining System.

See also, Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner.