Data Mining - Data Mining - Workspaces - Data Miner - General Neural Network Explorer

Ribbon bar. Select the Data Mining tab. In the Tools group, click Workspaces. Select General Neural Network Explorer...

Classic menus. From the Data Mining menu, select Data Mining - Workspaces Data Miner - General Neural Network Explorer... display a submenu containing the following commands:

Multilayer Perceptrons Project

Advanced Multiple Architecture Project

Build Your Own Project

The Explorer offers a wide selection of cutting-edge neural network architectures and procedures and highly optimized algorithms including: Multilayer Perceptrons, Radial Basis Function networks, Self-Organizing Feature Maps, Linear Models, Principal Components networks, and Cluster networks. Network ensembles of these architectures can also be evaluated. Estimation methods include back propagation, conjugate gradient decent, quasi-Newton, Levenberg-Marquardt, LVQ, pruning algorithms, and more. Options are available for cross validation, bootstrapping, subsampling, sensitivity analysis, etc.

Deployment. STATISTICA Neural Networks includes code generator options to produce C/C++ and STATISTICA Visual Basic code for one or more trained networks as well as ensembles of networks. This code can be quickly incorporated into your own custom deployment programs. In addition, fully trained neural networks and ensembles of neural networks can be saved to be applied later for computing predicted responses or classifications for new data. A deployment node can be dragged into the data miner workspace to perform prediction and predictive classification based on trained neural networks automatically; all you have to do (after the participating network architectures are trained) is connect the data for deployment. (See also, Using C/C++/C# Code for Deployment.)

See also, Data Mining with STATISTICA Data Miner.