File - Print

Ribbon Bar. Select the Home tab. In the File group, click Print to display the Print dialog box. Or, click on the Quick Access toolbar.

Classic menus. From the File menu, select Print to display the Print dialog box. Or, click the toolbar button to display the dialog box.

Use the options in this dialog box to execute a print command, as well as to specify printing options (see Print Setup). Verify that the printer in the Name box is the correct printer; if necessary, you can use the Name drop-down list box to choose another printer. Select the Print to file check box to print the document to a .prn file.

Use the options in the Print Range group box to specify what pages to print. To print the entire document, select the All option button. To print a range of pages, select the Pages option button and specify the range using the From and To boxes. To print the selected portion of the document, select the Selection option button.

Use the options in the Copies group box to specify the number of copies to print. Type the number of copies you require in the Copies box. Select the Collate Copies check box to ensure that your printer collates the copies of the printed document.

To review the report in a print preview window (see Using the print preview window), click the Preview button. After you have selected the desired options, click the OK button to print the document.