Help - R Integration with Dell Statistica

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. In the left pane, select Help/Support. In the right pane, under the Help heading, click R Integration...

Classic menus. From the Help menu, select R Integration with Statistica... open a white paper in .pdf format that describes integration options and features to leverage specialized R functionality in Statistica and Statistica Enterprise Server.

Contents include:

Overview and Summary

Basic Architecture and Features of R Support in Statistica

     COM Interface to R Environment

     R Integration Support Macro (Rsvb)

     R Scripts as Native Statistica Macros

     Retrieving Results

R Language Extensions: Passing Data to R and Retrieving Results*


     Spreadsheet (FilePathOrName)

     RouteOutput (RObject,[SpreadsheetName],[SpreadsheetHeader])

     Uses (RPackageName,[AttachImports])

Executing R Scripts from within Statistica Visual Basic

     R Scripts are Statistica Macros

     Passing Parameters to R Scripts: Collection Object

     Managing Script Results

     More Examples

R Support in Statistica Enterprise Server

     Statistica Enterprise Server is a Powerful R Server

     Off-Loading R Scripts from Statistica to Statistica Enterprise Server

Creating R-based Statistica Data Miner Nodes

Integrating R into (Web)Statistica Enterprise

     Creating R-based Analysis Configurations

     Calling R Scripts from SVB Analysis Configurations


Final Comments, and Some Caveats

     Error Handling

     Strengths and Limitations

*Passing data as Statistica spreadsheets to R and retrieving results from R to Statistica require the Statistica Spreadsheet Library (StaSpreadsheet.dll) of the same bitness as R to function. StaSpreadsheet.dll is installed and registered during Statistica installation, so data transfer between 32-bit Statistica and 32-bit R, and 64-bit Statistica and 64-bit R, will function automatically. When trying to use 32-bit Statistica with 64-bit R (or vice versa), StaSpreadsheet of the same bitness as R needs to be installed and registered.

Statistica-R integration has been tested (and is known to perform well) with versions R-2.13.0 to R-3.1.2.

See also, Options - R Integration.