Help - Register

Select Register from the Help menu to register your installation of Statistica.

You can register your license at any time by visiting the page On this page, you will enter your serial number and email address and also upload your license registration file. After submitting your information, your new license file (stat.lic) will be emailed to the address you provided. Then you will apply your new license file to your system using the following instructions:

If Statistica has not expired:

  1. Save the attached file (stat.lic) to the desktop.

  2. Start Statistica. Ribbon bar: Select the File tab. In the left pane, select Help/Support. In the right pane, under the About Dell Statistica heading, click More Details. Classic menus: From the Help menu, select About Statistica.

  3. On the License tab, click the License Management button.

  4. In the License Management dialog box, click the Update License button.

  5. Browse to the new stat.lic file and click Open. Click OK.

  6. Verify that your license has updated. You may now delete the stat.lic file from your desktop.

If Statistica has expired:

  1. Save the attached file (stat.lic) to desktop

  2. Locate the existing stat.lic file, which, by default, is at c:\program files\dell\Statistica * or c:\program files\dell\FlexLM

  3. Overwrite/exchange this file with the new stat.lic file.

  4. Ensure that only the new file is left in this folder.

  5. Verify that your license has updated. You may now delete the stat.lic file from your desktop.

Additional notes. Should the file be named other than stat.lic, rename it by right clicking on the file icon and selecting Rename.

If your license file is in the body of an email, simply cut and paste the text into a text editor such as Notepad.

  • Begin copying with the first line, which begins with # Statistica Licensing File#.

  • Continue copying to include FEATURE.

  • Save the file as stat.lic and proceed with steps above.

Should STATISTICA not work after the update, please run the diagnostic tool on your computer. It is found at Email the text output to Include your STATISTICA serial number, contact information, and a brief summary of the problem including any relevant screen shots.