Statistics - Basic Statistics/Tables

Ribbon bar. Select the Statistics tab. In the Base group, click Basic Statistics to display the Basic Statistics and Tables Startup Panel.

Classic menus. On the Statistics menu, select Basic Statistics/Tables to display the Basic Statistics and Tables Startup Panel.

The Basic Statistics and Tables module contains options for calculating descriptive statistics, correlation analyses, t-tests for dependent, independent, and single samples, breakdowns and one-way ANOVAs, frequency tables, crosstabulation and stub-and-banner tables, and multiple response/dichotomies tables. You can also access the probability calculator via this module as well as perform other significance tests using only summary statistics (e.g., tests for differences between proportions, correlations, and means when all you know are the hypothesized values and sample statistics).

See also the Nonparametric Statistics module for alternative tests and statistics similar to those included in the Basic Statistics and Tables module; those tests often do not rely on any particular assumptions (e.g., regarding underlying distributions) and tend to be more robust.