Data Mining - Data Mining - Workspaces - Data Miner -  General Forecaster

Ribbon bar. Select the Data Mining tab. In the Tools group, click Workspaces. From the menu, select General Forecaster...

Classic menus. From the Data Mining Data Mining - Workspaces submenu, select Data Miner - General Forecaster... explore a large suite of methods for predicting new values of variables based on the patterns of historical data. A flexible, intelligent data mining user interface is provided to aid in the process of setting up a model for the forecasting. Selecting this command will display a submenu containing the following commands:

Neural Network Time Series Project

Build Your Own Project

Data from remote servers can be directly queried and processed in place, without having to import them to the local storage (see Streaming Database Connector Technology). Successful models can be deployed for repeated or routine use. Note that this is a module of the Statistica Enterprise-Wide Data Mining System.

Statistica Data Miner includes a broad selection of traditional (i.e., non-neural networks-based) forecasting techniques (including ARIMA, exponential smoothing with seasonal components, Fourier spectral decomposition, seasonal decomposition, regression and polynomial lags analysis, etc.), as well as neural network methods for time series data.

Deployment. Forecasts can automatically be computed for multiple models in data mining projects and plotted in a single graph for comparative evaluation. For example, you can compute and compare predictions from multiple ARIMA models, different methods for seasonal and nonseasonal exponential smoothing, and the best time series neural network architectures (after searching more than 100 different architectures).

See also, Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner.