Data Mining - Data Mining - Workspaces - Data Miner - General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down

Ribbon bar. Select the Data Mining tab. In the Tools group, click Workspaces. From the General Neural Network Explorer submenu, select Multilayer Perceptrons Project...

Classic menus. From the Data Mining Data Mining - Workspaces submenu, select General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down... explore your data by drilling down on selected variables, and categories or ranges of values in those variables. Selecting this command will display a submenu containing the following commands:

Interactive Drill Down

Build Your Own Project

A large number of analysis nodes are available for creating exploratory graphs and/or to compute descriptive statistics, tabulations, etc. These nodes can be connected to input data sources or to all intermediate results. STATISTICA Drill-Down Explorer - a specialized STATISTICA application module - is available for interactively exploring your data by drilling down on selected variables, and categories or ranges of values in those variables.

For example, you can drill-down on Gender to display the distribution for a variable Income for females only; next you could drill down on a specific income group to explore (e.g., create graphical summaries for) selected variables, for females in the selected income group only. A unique feature of STATISTICA Drill-Down Explorer is the ability to select and deselect drill-down variables and categories in any order; so you could next deselect the variable Gender and thus display selected graphs and statistics for the selected Income group, but now for both males and females.

Another unique feature of the Drill-Down Explorer is its variety of categorization ("slicing") methods. Hence, the STATISTICA Drill-Down Explorer offers tremendous flexibility for "slicing-and-dicing" the data. The STATISTICA Drill-Down Explorer can be applied to raw data, database connections for in-place processing of data in remote databases, or to any intermediate result computed in a STATISTICA Data Miner project.

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