What are ToolTips?

ToolTips are small "balloon help tips" that are displayed when the mouse pointer is on a toolbar button. ToolTips help you to quickly learn the functions of all toolbar buttons.

You can control the display of the ToolTips for graph objects via the View - ToolTips on Graph Objects menu. You can toggle the display of all other types of ToolTips on the Options tab of the Customize dialog (available by selecting Customize from the Tools menu). If a more detailed description of a button is required, click the  toolbar button (the mouse pointer will change to an arrow with a question mark beside it ) and then click the toolbar button. The appropriate Help topic will be displayed.

ToolTips for Spreadsheet Cells. When placing your mouse pointer over a data cell in a STATISTICA spreadsheet (hovering) whose content is not completely displayed, a ToolTip containing the full contents of the spreadsheet cell is displayed. When hovering over a text label, the ToolTip also displays the label's numeric value. When hovering over a cell containing a numeric value displayed as ####, because the column is too narrow, the ToolTip displays the full value of the cell using the current variable's display format. ToolTips are also displayed in the Variable and Case header cells if their contents are completely displayed.