Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner

Statistica Enterprise-Wide Data Mining System (Data Miner) offers the most comprehensive selection of data mining solutions on the market, with an icon-based, extremely easy-to-use user interface.

It features a selection of completely integrated, and automated, ready to deploy "as is" (but also easily customizable) systems of specific data mining solutions for a wide variety of business applications. The product is offered optionally with deployment and on-site training services. The data mining solutions are driven by powerful procedures from five modules, which can also be used interactively and/or used to build, test, and deploy new solutions:

General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down

General Classifier

General Modeler/Multivariate Explorer

General Forecaster

General Neural Networks Explorer

and much, much more...

The following sections contain overviews of general concepts related to data mining:

Data Mining Definition

Statistica Data Miner Summary

Getting Started with Statistica Data Miner

Structure and User Interface of Statistica Data Miner

Using Statistica Data Miner with Extremely Large Data Sets

How to Write .svx Scripts for Data Miner

Global Dictionary

Data Warehousing

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Data Mining Techniques

On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP)

Groupware Functionality

Scalable Software Systems

Neural Networks