Dell Statistica Data Miner Summary

Dell Statistica Data Miner is an extremely comprehensive and effective system of user-friendly tools for the entire data mining process, from querying databases to generating the final reports.

  • Choose from the largest selection of algorithms on the market (based on the Statistica technology) for classification, prediction, clustering, and modeling.

  • Access and process extremely large data sets in remote databases in-place (see the Streaming Database Connector glossary entry and Streaming Database Connector Technology; off-load time-consuming database queries to the server.

  • Access huge data files on your local (desktop) Windows computer; as specialized queries into custom data warehouses are sometimes expensive (requiring the services of designated consultants), it can be more cost effective to download even huge databases to your local machine; such data files can then be processed with unmatched speed by Statistica Data Miner routines.

  • Data mining project templates can be chosen from menus; with only a few clicks of the mouse you can apply even advanced methods such as meta-learning techniques (voting, bagging) to your specific analysis problems.

  • Integrate diverse methods and technologies into the data mining project, from quality control charting and process capability analysis, Weibull analysis, power analysis, or linear and nonlinear models, to advanced automated searches for neural network architectures; all Statistica procedures can be selected as nodes for data mining projects, and no programming or custom-development work is required to use these procedures.

  • Graphical/visual data mining. All of Statistica's unique and unmatched graphical capabilities are available for data mining; choose from hundreds of graph types to visualize data after cleaning, slicing, or drilling down.

  • Intuitive user interface and full integration with Statistica's award winning solutions. You will be up-and-running in minutes.

  • Complete integration into the Statistica and web (Statistica Enterprise Server) applications; interactively explore, drill down on, chart, etc. all intermediate results.

  • Organize results in reports, spreadsheets, graphs, etc., or publish results on the web.

  • Access to Statistica's comprehensive library of analytic facilities.

  • Update analyses and results automatically when the data change.

  • Open architecture design. Fully integrate your own proprietary algorithms and methods, or third-party algorithms.

  • Fully programmable and customizable system (using the industry standard languages such as the built-in Visual Basic, C/C++C#, Java, etc.). Develop highly customized data mining systems specifically tailored to your needs.

  • Automatically deploy solutions in seconds using built-in tools, or add automatically generated computer code for deployment (e.g., in C++, PMML) to your own programs.

The desktop version of Statistica Data Miner is designed for the Windows environment. The Client/Server version of Statistica Data Miner is platform independent on the Client side and features an Internet browser-based user interface; the Server side works with all major Web server operating systems (e.g., UNIX Apache) and Wintel server computers.

Statistica Data Miner is designed for two general categories of users:

  • Customers who need a complete, deployed, and ready to use solution, designed to solve a specific type of problem (e.g., such as customer credit scoring, predicting specific aspects of customer behavior or providing answers to specific CRM questions, managing the risk of an equipment failure using a model based on the mining of a very complex set of historical data). For these customers, Dell offers a complete installation and deployment of data mining solutions that will draw data from an existing corporate database or data warehouse and generate predictions or ratings using a specific model that Dell consultants will deploy on-site (services to develop a data warehouse solution or restructure the existing one are also available). These specialized data mining solutions can later be modified (by Dell or other consultants) as the needs of the company change. The modification of such already deployed systems are very easy because all Statistica solutions are stored in form of industry standard VB scripts), and they can readily be deployed in the industry standard C++ code.

  • Customers who need a general powerful data mining solution development system, to be used to design and deploy custom systems (in-house) by the corporate analysts and IS/IT personnel. These customers will license the same set of tools, following the same price structure as the customers from the previous category (see above) except that they will not order the deployment and consulting services.

See also, Data Mining Definition, Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner, Getting Started with Statistica Data Miner, and Structure and User Interface of Statistica Data Miner.