Setting Basic Print Options - Spreadsheets, Reports, or Graphs

In order to view and/or change the basic print options for the active spreadsheet, graph, or report, follow these instructions:

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. Select the Print tab, and click Settings to display the Print Setup dialog box.

Classic menus. From the File menu, select Print Setup to display the Print Setup dialog box.

This dialog box provides basic information about how the active document will print, including:

  • the printer that will be used to print the spreadsheet

  • the paper size and source

  • the orientation of the paper

To change the printer being used to print the document, use the Name drop-down box to select from a list of available printers.

To view or change the properties for the selected printer, click the Properties button.

To change the paper size and source, select from the available options in the Size and Source drop-down boxes.

To change the orientation of the printed output, select either the Portrait or the Landscape option button in the Orientation group box.

When you have specified the desired print options, click the OK button.