Setting Basic Print Options - Workbook

You can print individual documents (spreadsheets, graphs) in a workbook (one by one), or you can print all documents in the workbook in sequence. For example, suppose you have a created workbook such as the one shown below.

The available print options on the File menu now include the following items.

Workbook Page Setup. Select Workbook Page Setup to display the Workbook Page Setup dialog box, where you can select various options for printing the entire workbook (i.e., when you subsequently choose option Print from the File menu).

Print Setup. Select Print Setup to display the standard printer setup dialog box, with options that depend on your operating system, specific printer, etc. See also Setting Basic Print Options - Spreadsheets, Reports, and Graphs for additional details.

Print Preview. Select Print Preview to display the standard Print Preview dialog box, showing the positioning of the selected document on the printed page (i.e., a preview of the way in which the respective document will be printed). Options for changing the printout margins and positioning of the content of the printed page are also provided.

Print. Select Print to display the Print Workbook dialog box. Among other standard printing options, there are three options in the Print range group box:

All. Select the All option button to print all items in the workbook.

Pages from/to. Select the Pages option button and enter the page numbers in the from and to boxes to specify the pages in the workbook you want to print.

Selection. Select the Selection option button to print the currently selected items.

Print Active Item. Select Print Active Item to print the currently highlighted (selected) item(s) in the workbook.