Correspondence Analysis Results

Select an Input option and Variable(s) from the Correspondence Analysis (CA) tab and click the OK button in the Correspondence Analysis: Table Specifications Startup Panel to display the Correspondence Analysis Results dialog box, which contains five tabs: Quick, Advanced, Options, Review, and Supplementary points.

Summary box. The Summary box at the top of the dialog box displays the dimensions of the input table, the eigenvalues, and the value of the Pearson Chi-square for the total two-way table, along with the respective degrees of freedom and p-value.

Note that the number of factors that will be retained for the spreadsheets of coordinates, and all plots of column and row points, is determined by the choice of options in the Number of dimensions group box on either the Quick tab or Options tab. Also, the interpretation of the coordinates for row and column points depends on the method of standardization selected in the Standardization of coordinates group box on the Options tab. To implement other, non-standard methods for standardizing the coordinates, click the Unstandardized matrices button on the Advanced tab, which will report the unstandardized left and right generalized singular vectors from the generalized singular value decomposition (see Computational details). The spreadsheet reporting those matrices can then be easily accessed via STATISTICA Visual Basic for any additional computations.

Copy button. Click the Copy button to copy either the selected text (if text has been selected) in the Summary box or all of the text (if no text has been selected) to the Clipboard. Note that the copied text retains formatting information (like font, color, etc.).

Contract/Expand button. Click the Contract/Expand button to contract or expand the Summary box. When contracted, you can see only one line of the Summary box text and can scroll through the text using a scroll bar. Note that when contracted the text is scrolled so that the first non-blank line is at the top. When expanded (the default setting), the entire Summary box will be displayed on the Correspondence Analysis Results dialog box.

Summary. Click the Summary button to display a spreadsheet with the summary statistics for the current analysis.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the Correspondence Analysis Results dialog box and return to the Correspondence Analysis (CA): Table Specifications Startup Panel.

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.

For details concerning the typical statistics computed in a correspondence analysis and their interpretation, refer to the Correspondence Analysis Introductory Overview; see also Computational Details; for examples, refer to Correspondence Analysis Examples.