Customize - Background Tab

Select Background in the left pane of the Options dialog box, or select the Background tab of the Customize dialog box to access options for Statistica's background.

Background. Select from this drop-down list the background style that you want to use for Statistica.

Standard. Select standard to display the default gray background in Statistica.

Gradient. Select gradient to apply a fading effect to background.

Grid. Select grid to display a grid on Statistica's background.

[Select File]. Select [Select File] to display the Open dialog box, where you can browse to, select, and open a graphic file to display in Statistica's background. The Browse button becomes available when [Select File] is selected.

Position. Select from this drop-down list how you want to position Statistica's background.

Top left. Select top left to display the background in the top left.

Center. Select center to center the image on the background.

Stretch. Select stretch to stretch the image to fit the background.

Tile. Select tile to tile the image across background.