Customize - Command/Macros Tab

Select the Command/Macros tab of the Customize dialog box to access options to select the type of command you want to add to a menu or toolbar. For a review of the commands that can be added to menus, see the Menu Overview. See the Toolbar Overview for a description of the type of commands that can be added to toolbars.

Categories. The Categories box contains a list of the types of commands that are available in STATISTICA. These categories correspond with the various pull-down and shortcut menus used throughout STATISTICA. For example, the Plot-2D category contains the commands available from the 2D Plot shortcut menu. The All Commands option spans commands in all categories. To see the commands available in a specific category, click on the category and look at the Commands box. See also the Commands Overview.

Commands. The Commands box lists the commands available in the highlighted category in the Category box. To review a comprehensive list of commands, select All Commands in the Category box. To add a command to a menu or toolbar, select the command in this box and drag it to the toolbar or menu on which you want to place it. See Customize Toolbar for a more detailed example of how to add commands to menus or toolbars.

Commands that have an arrow to their right include additional options when added to a toolbar or menu. For example, the 2D Graphs command displays a shortcut menu where you can select a graph from a list of all possible 2D graphs. Placing this command on a shortcut menu (or toolbar) gives you convenient access to any type of 2D graph.

Description. The Description box contains a brief description of the highlighted command.