Customize - Options Tab

Select the Options tab of the Customize dialog box to access options for toolbar display.

Show ToolTips on toolbars. Select the Show ToolTips on toolbars check box to see ToolTips when you move the mouse pointer over a toolbar button.

Show shortcut keys in screen tips. When the Show ToolTips on toolbars check box is selected, you can also choose to show the shortcut key along with the ToolTip. For example, when this check box is selected, moving the mouse pointer over the Save toolbar button would reveal the following screen tip: Save (CTRL+S).

Large icons. Select this check box to display large icons on the toolbars.

Set Password. Click the Set Password button to display the Password dialog box, which contains options to create a password for permission to customize STATISTICA. After you have specified a password, you will be asked to verify that password. Then when you close and reopen STATISTICA, you will not have access to the Customize dialog box unless you know the specified password. To clear the password, click the Password button and specify a blank password.

Export Configuration. Click the Export Configuration button to create a menu configuration file. This file can be distributed to other computers. It will only affect menu and toolbar configuration. The individual user preference settings will remain the same.

In network installations, administrators can deploy centralized menu configurations without affecting individual user preferences. This capability is only for the classic menus and does not apply to the ribbon bar.

All users preferences are currently saved in the StatOps.xml file, located in the user-specific data directory. Global menu configurations can be stored in a new file called StatCommandBars.xml, and stored on the network where the STATISTICA executable directory is located. On program startup, the menu configuration settings in the centralized StatCommandBars.xml will be used instead of any specific settings in the user-specific StatOpts.xml file.

The StatCommandBars.xml can be created from the Customize dialog box - Options tab by clicking the Export Configuration button.

The resulting StatCommandBars.xml should be placed in the STATISTICA executable directory on the network.

Additionally, in network installations that are configured to install files locally (so that users would never see the network version of this file), the administrator can copy this file to the Workstation Installer folder. When a user installs locally from the Workstation Installer directory, this StatCommandBars.xml file will be copied into their STATISTICA executable directory, providing the initial menu settings for that user. Note that future changes to the network StatCommandBars.xml file will not be seen; they will need to be pushed to the individual workstations if a change is needed.