Customize - Toolbars Tab

Select the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box to access options to customize current toolbars as well as to create user-defined toolbars. For a complete description of toolbars, see the Toolbars Overview. For a comparison of toolbars and menus, see Toolbars and Menus in STATISTICA.

Toolbars. The Toolbars box contains a list of all the toolbars - STATISTICA toolbars and user-created ones. Toolbars that are currently displayed in the workspace have a check in the box next to them. Click in the box to add or remove a toolbar from the workspace. To edit a toolbar, highlight it in the Toolbar box and click the appropriate button to the right (see Reset, Reset all, New, Rename, and Delete below). Note that not all functions are available for each toolbar. Option buttons that are not appropriate for the selected toolbar are not available. For example, you can only rename user-created toolbars, so the Rename button is not available  when you select a STATISTICA toolbar.

Reset. Click the Reset button to reset the currently selected toolbar. Resetting the toolbar removes any additions or deletions you have made to the toolbar by resetting the toolbar to its default composition. Note that this option is not available when a user-defined toolbar is selected (since there are no default values for a user-defined toolbar).

Reset All. Click the Reset All button to return all modified toolbars and menus to their original (default) settings. Note that clicking the Reset All button will cause you to lose the modifications you have made to each STATISTICA toolbar and menu that you have modified.

New. Click the New button to create a new (user-defined) toolbar. Once you have named the toolbar in the Toolbar Name dialog box, you can add as many commands to this toolbar as you want. For more details, see the Create New Toolbar example and Customize Toolbar.

Rename. Click the Rename button to rename the currently selected user-defined toolbar. When the button is clicked, the Toolbar Name dialog box is displayed, where you can change the name of the toolbar. Note that this option is only available for user-defined toolbars.

Delete. Click the Delete button to delete the currently selected user-defined toolbar. Note that this option is only available for user-defined toolbars.

Visibility. Select one or more toolbars and click the Visibility button to determine whether that toolbar is active when a certain document is active in the workspace.  For instance, when a Spreadsheet is active, the Standard and Spreadsheet toolbars are active. When a Macro is active, the Standard and Macro toolbars are active.

Reset Analysis Bar. The Analysis Bar can be moved and docked to different locations. Click the Reset Analysis Bar button to restore it to its original location at the bottom of the application window (above the status bar).