Toolbar Name

Click either the New or Rename button on the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box (accessible from the Tools menu)  to display the Toolbar Name dialog box, which contains options to either name or rename a user-defined toolbar.

Toolbar Name. Type in the name you want to use for the user-defined toolbar. If the toolbar already has a name (i.e., you have selected the Rename option), simply type the new name in over the existing name. You can use any combination of numbers, letters and other symbols. Note that if you are creating a new toolbar, the OK button will not be available until you have entered a name for the toolbar.

OK. Once you have specified a name for the toolbar or changed the name of an existing toolbar, click this button to create or rename the toolbar. This option is only available when a name is typed in the Toolbar Name edit field. If you are creating a new toolbar, the toolbar will be displayed after you click OK. See Customize Toolbar and Create New Toolbar for more details on creating a new toolbar.

Cancel. Click this button to exit the dialog box without making any changes. If you cancel out of this dialog when you are in the process of creating a new toolbar, no toolbar will be created. If you cancel out of this dialog box when you are renaming an existing toolbar, the name will not be changed (even if you have specified a new name in the Toolbar Name edit field).