Assign/Remove Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Use the options on the Keyboard tab of the classic menus' Customize dialog box to change the shortcut key for a menu command or assign a shortcut key to a menu command that doesn't have one by default. First, select the document type for which the menu will be edited in the Set shortcut key for box, and then select a specific menu for that document in the Category box. Notice that each type of document has its own menu that overrides STATISTICA's main menu whenever a file of that type has the focus. All of the menu commands for the selected menu are displayed in the scrollable Commands box. In the Commands box, select the menu command to which you want to assign a shortcut key.

To assign a shortcut key to the currently selected menu command, set the focus to the Press new shortcut key edit box and press the key combination that you want to assign (e.g., CTRL+Q) to that menu command. If no other menu option in the application already has that shortcut key, click the Assign button to apply it. Note that if another menu option already has that shortcut key assigned to it, the Assign button will not be available and STATISTICA will list what menu option already has that shortcut key assigned to it directly under the Press new shortcut key box.

If you want to remove a shortcut key from a menu option, highlight the shortcut key in either the Document shortcut keys or Global shortcut keys box and click the Remove button. Finally, to reset all of the application's shortcut keys, click the Reset All button.

Note that after you have assigned new shortcut keys, the shortcuts will also work when the ribbon bar is displayed.