Customizing Menus

STATISTICA menus can be easily customized by using the options on the Menu tab of the Customize dialog in much of the same manner as toolbars (see Customize Toolbar). Note that all pull-down menus are listed under Application frame menus, and all shortcut menus are listed under Context menus. You can open and close any Application frame menu from the Menu tab by selecting it in the Show menus for box (note that when you select a pull-down menu, it will be displayed at the top of the STATISTICA window replacing the existing menu). You can also display any Context menu from the Menu tab by selecting it in the Select context menu box (note that when you select a context menu, it will be displayed as a floating menu on your screen). When you have selected either an application or shortcut (context) menu in this manner, you can easily add both commands and macros to the menu using drag-and-drop features and appearance editing.

Adding a command. Select any menu command from a displayed menu and drag it from the source menu onto the target menu. The menu command will be removed from the original menu and placed on the target menu. To copy the menu command so that it will remain on the original menu and also be placed on the target menu, press the CTRL key on your keyboard while dragging the menu command. Continue this process for each menu command you want to move. When you are finished, click Close.  

Additional information. Note that any changes made to menus are automatically saved. You do not need to explicitly save any changes. For more information on menus, see the Menu Overview.