Getting Started

Ribbon bar. To customize the Quick Access toolbar located in the upper-left corner of the application, right-click on the ribbon bar, and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar from the menu to display the Customize dialog box. You can also click the arrow at the right side of the Quick Access toolbar, and select More Commands from the menu to display the Customize dialog box. From the Choose commands from drop-down list box, select a location to display that location's options in the list below the box. Select the options you want to add to the Quick Access toolbar, and then click the Add button. Select options in the right pane, and click the Remove button to remove those options from the Quick Access toolbar.

You can also add macros to the ribbon bar. See the topic Adding Macros to the Ribbon Bar.

Classic menus. To display the Customize dialog box, right-click on any toolbar and select Customize from the shortcut menu, or from the View - Toolbars submenu select Customize, or from the Tools menu select Customize. Also, from any of these menus you can toggle any of the STATISTICA toolbars to be visible or hidden.

Use the options in the classic menus' Customize dialog box to customize toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, menus, options, and the application background. Note that when the classic menus' Customize dialog box is displayed, STATISTICA will be in resource edit mode, which means that the application will be disabled and that you can physically alter the interface's appearance in almost any way.

See also, Assign/Remove Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Create New Toolbar, Customize Menus, Customize Toolbars, and Toolbar and Menu Appearance.