Toolbar and Menu Appearance

To alter the appearance of toolbar buttons and menus on the classic menus, first select Customize from the Tools menu to display the Customize dialog box. Then, right-click on any toolbar button or menu option to display a shortcut menu.

  • Select Reset to Default on the shortcut menu to apply all of the default toolbar button and menu appearances, replacing any changes you have made.

  • Select Copy Button Image to copy the image to the Clipboard.

  • Select Delete to remove that option from the toolbar or menu.

  • To change the text or icon of an option, select Button Appearance to display the Button Appearance dialog box (see below for a description of this dialog box).

  • Choose how the option is displayed (as an icon, text string, or both) by selecting Image, Text, or Image and Text.

  • Select Start Group to insert a bar in front of the selected option to separate it from the option next to it.

Button Appearance. In the Button Appearance dialog box, the selected option can be displayed as either an image (icon), text string, or both. To alter the text string itself, when either the Text only or Image and text option button is selected, simply change the entry in the Button text edit box. To give the new text an access key, place an ampersand (&) in front of the desired letter. At run time, you can then press the ALT key on your keyboard together with the letter that you specified to call this option. Note that access keys only work with menu options. You should also verify that no other options in the same menu share the same access key, otherwise they will negate each other.

To alter the option's icon, when either the Image only or Image and text option button is selected, select the Select user-defined image option button. You can select any icon in the icon viewing box and then click OK. The option will be updated with the new icon you have selected.

To edit any of the icons, first select the icon in the icon viewing box and then click the Edit button to display the Edit Button Image dialog box, which contains Tools and Colors options. Note that you can also create your own icon by clicking the New button on the Button Appearance dialog box. This will also display the Edit Button Image dialog box, where you can draw your own icon and apply it to the option.