Customizing Statistica - Graphs

Interactive graph customization. The customization options in Statistica graphics include hundreds of features and tools that can be used to adjust every detail of the display and associated data processing. However, these options are arranged in a hierarchical manner, so those used most often are accessible directly via shortcut menus accessible by double-clicking or right-clicking on the respective element of the graph.

Support for F4. To simplify the process of editing graph display features (e.g., font color, point markers, area patterns), Statistica provides support for F4. This means that you can repeat  the last command you performed in the graph. For example, if you have just changed the title font to Arial, 12pt, Italic and you want to make the same change to the axis titles, simply highlight the axis title you want to update, and press F4. Note that the F4 buffer is graph specific. If you switch to a different graph and press F4, you will repeat the last action performed on that graph.

Permanent settings and automation options. The initial (default) settings of all of these features can be easily adjusted so that even the default appearance and behavior of Statistica Graphs will match your specific needs and/or will require very little intervention on your part. Various aspects of Statistica Graphs can be permanently adjusted by using:

1. the Options dialog (accessible by selecting Options from the Tools menu),

2. the comprehensive system of graphics styles,

3. user-defined graphs, and

4. STATISTICA Visual Basic.

There are no limits to how "deeply customized" your STATISTICA custom graphs can be, because Statistica Visual Basic (with all its powerful custom drawing tools as well as the Statistica-based library of graphics procedures) can be used to produce virtually any graphics or multimedia output supported by the contemporary computer hardware. Those custom developed displays or multimedia output can be assigned to Statistica toolbars, menus, or dialog boxes and become a permanent part of your Statistica application.

See Interactive Graph Customization for further details on these graph customization methods.