Customizing STATISTICA - Local vs. Permanent Customizations

Using the View and Tools menus, many aspects of the appearance of STATISTICA can be adjusted. Each of these two methods, however, has a different function. Specifically:

View menu. The changes requested in the View menu affect the current appearance of STATISTICA (e.g., hides the toolbar) or the current document window (e.g., changes font in the spreadsheet).

Tools menu. The options available via the Tools - Options menu (discussed in more detail in General Defaults) are used to adjust the permanent program defaults. Note, however, that the global options that are applicable to documents of a particular type (e.g., a graph or a spreadsheet) will not change the current document. Instead, they will be stored as program defaults that will affect the creation of the next (i.e., new) document of the respective type.

For example, if you change the Default Spreadsheet Layout on the Spreadsheets tab of the Options dialog (available from the Tools - Options menu), you will see the new Spreadsheet Layout applied only when you create a new spreadsheet. These defaults will not affect any files opened from the disk, however, because those spreadsheets are displayed with the specific appearance with which they were previously saved (use the View menu to customize the existing objects).