Customizing STATISTICA Overview

STATISTICA offers the flexibility of fully customizable user interfaces. Adjusting the standard user interface to better suit your specific needs is a quick and easy task with STATISTICA. In fact, STATISTICA "anticipates" your needs in that it remembers various choices as you make them, essentially learning as you go. For example, if you launch an analysis from the Advanced tab on an analysis specification dialog, then the Advanced tab will be selected for you (instead of the Quick tab) the next time you display that dialog.

Practically all aspects of the user interface can be customized starting with such elementary controls as the menus, toolbars, and the keyboard. The process for customizing these screen components is quick and straightforward (for example, see the illustration of Customizing the Toolbar). You can set both global and local customizations for graph, spreadsheets, workbooks, reports, etc., and maintain different configurations of STATISTICA (for a single user as well as for network users). You can also define entirely new user interfaces. See Customizing STATISTICA - Index and Customizing STATISTICA Examples for further details.