Customizing STATISTICA - Toolbar Overview

STATISTICA includes a set of toolbars that contain the most needed buttons or special controls for a given task. By default, the menu bar, Standard toolbar, and Spreadsheet toolbar are visible when STATISTICA is initially opened. Other toolbars are visible when they are needed and the toolbar(s) associated with the respective document type(s) replace the Spreadsheet toolbar. For example, when a graph is the active document, the Graph Tools toolbar is visible. Toolbar visibility can be toggled from the View - Toolbars menu as well as from the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog (available via the Tools - Customize menu).

Note that STATISTICA toolbars are hidden during in-place activation of non-STATISTICA objects. Therefore, you should not expect to see STATISTICA toolbars when editing a Microsoft Word (or similar document) that is embedded in a STATISTICA document.

In addition to the default set of toolbars, you can create your own toolbars using any combination of buttons or special controls (e.g., font name and size controls, font color controls, or graphics styles). As with the STATISTICA toolbars, visibility can be dependent on the activity for which the toolbar is needed. For more information on customized toolbars, see Create New Toolbar, Customize Toolbar, and Toolbar and Menu Appearance.

For more information on a specific toolbar, see the following: