Options Menu

Click the Options button available in analysis or graph dialog boxes to display the following commands:

Output. Select Output to display the Analysis/Graph Output Manager dialog box, which contains options to customize the output management of the current analysis/graph.

Display. Select Display to display the Analysis/Graph Display Options dialog box, which contains options to customize the current analysis/graph display.

Create Macro. Select Create Macro to display the New Macro dialog box. When running analyses or creating graphs in STATISTICA, all options and output choices are automatically recorded; when you select Create Macro, the complete recording of all your actions are translated into a STATISTICA Visual Basic program that can be run to recreate the analysis. See Macro (STATISTICA Visual Basic) Overview for further details.

Deploy to Enterprise. This command will create the same recording of the analysis as described above for the Create Macro command, but will automatically deploy the script to Enterprise as an analysis configuration. When you select Deploy to Enterprise, the Choose Deployment Type dialog box is displayed, where you specify whether this is a new analysis (Deploy New Object) or a revised analysis that was previously deployed to Enterprise (Update Existing Object). Click OK in this dialog box to display the Select a Data Configuration dialog box.

Minimize. When Minimize is selected, the dialog box will be minimized and represented by a button on the Analysis Bar at the lower-left of the application window (above the Status Bar). To maximize the Startup Panel, click the button on the Analysis Bar.

Close Analysis. Select Close Analysis to close all dialog boxes associated with an analysis or graph. Note that results spreadsheets/graphs will not be closed, only analysis or graph dialog boxes will close.