Graph Tools Toolbar

The Graph Tools toolbar (displayed when a graph window is active) offers a selection of drawing, graph customization, and multigraphics management options (e.g., linking, embedding graphs and artwork).

Most of the graph control and customization facilities accessible via the toolbar buttons listed below are also available from menus. All toolbars can be customized to adjust the number and order of buttons in the toolbar. For information on customizing toolbars, see the Toolbar Overview. For more information on a toolbar button, click on the link below.

Graphics Styles Box

Rectangles button

Brushing Tool

Rounded Rectangles button

3D Rotation Control button

Ellipse button

Display Graph Fit to Window button

Arcs button

Display Graph at Actual Size button

Polygon button

Adjust the Graph Actual Size/Scaling button

Arrow, Custom Bars button

Set Graph Area button

Insert Object button

Snap to Grid button

Line Pattern/Color button

Zoom In button

Area Pattern/Color button

Zoom Out button

Move to Front button

Zoom Pan button

Move to Back button

Reset Zoom button

Increase Font button

Selection Tool button

Decrease Font button

Text button