Line Pattern/Color Button

Click the button to select the line style (pattern, color combination, size, measurement units and mode) for the currently selected custom graphic object. In order to adjust the patterns for the new (subsequent) objects to be entered, use the style management facilities (accessible by clicking the Styles button on any graph customization dialog), or double-click on any existing object, change its properties and click the Save as Default button to make the style permanent (i.e., applicable to subsequent objects of the same type).

Special line customization features. In addition to the common line customization options, this dialog offers some unique features, such as support for two-color line patterns (e.g., select any of the noncontinuous line patterns, set the line to nontransparent, and choose a desired background color that will fill the breaks in the line pattern). The line thickness can be adjusted in device-independent point units (1 point = 1/72 of an inch) in arbitrary increments, including fractions of a point (only if the output device supports such fine adjustments). Note that to achieve the desired effects when hard copies are produced, and to avoid the common "too thin" one-pixel lines printed by default on laser printers, a global minimum width for all printed lines can be adjusted in the Output Options dialog (see the  button).