Zoom In Button

When you click the button, the mouse pointer becomes a magnifier, enabling you to proportionally enlarge the current graph and redraw it in the new ranges of coordinates either in the same window, or in a separate window (CTRL+ to create a new graph). Place the magnifier over the area of the graph that you want to view and click. This results in a magnified view of the specified area; the point where you click (the focal point of magnification) becomes the center of the new graph window. Each time you click the graph with the Zoom In tool, the graph area is magnified by a factor of approximately 2; you can click it up to 5 times to achieve a magnification ratio of approximately 32:1. Note that the Zoom In tool will stay active until you select another tool from the Graph Tools toolbar (e.g., button).

Alternatively, you can click and drag the mouse pointer to define ("draw") a rectangular area of the graph to enlarge.

This tool offers more than just "mechanical stretching" of the picture. Specifically, it provides a logical magnification of the selected area while maintaining the sizes of point markers, fonts, and width of all lines. Thus, the Zoom In tool effectively increases the "functional resolution" of the display, allowing you to inspect areas of the graph that in normal mode were not readable due to overlapping markers or point labels.

Reversing the Zoom In operation. You can also decrease the graph size (in the same increments) using the Zoom Out button. In order to quickly restore the original graph magnification, you can use the Reset Zoom button.