Switch Mode Button

STATISTICA Query consists of two modes of operation, the Graphic Mode and the Text Mode. The default mode of operation is the Graphic Mode, and for most users is the only mode of STATISTICA Query needed to do advanced querying. When the button is selected, STATISTICA Query is in Graphic Mode. When it is deselected, STATISTICA Query is in Text Mode.

Note that when switching from Text Mode to Graphic Mode the SQL statement will be lost. It is important that you save the query using the Save option from the File menu or by clicking the Save Query button. Before switching from Text Mode to Graphic Mode, STATISTICA will issue a warning that the statement is about to be lost.

If you haven't already saved the query at that time, you can click No and save the query before switching to Graphic Mode. However, the expectation is that you will be running the query (via the Return Data to STATISTICA button) in Text Mode.