Define Button

The Define phase is concerned with the definition of project goals and boundaries, and the identification of issues that need to be addressed to achieve the higher Sigma level. Shortcuts are provided to the following modules and analytic facilities:

Cause and Effect Diagrams. Select Cause and Effect Diagrams from the Define menu to produce a cause-and-effect (Ishikawa, or fishbone) diagram; links to the Process Analysis module.

Blank Graph. Select Blank Graph from the Define menu to produce a blank graph; use drawing tools to create highly customized charts, maps, etc.

Six Sigma Calculator. Select Six Sigma Calculator from the Define menu to display the Six Sigma Calculator dialog. The Six Sigma Calculator is an extension or special case of the Probability Calculator for the normal distribution; instead of the normal distribution z and p, the Six Sigma Calculator expects as input either Sigma or DPMO (defects per million opportunities), and will compute each quantity from the other.