Copy (Block) Button

Click the button (or press CTRL+C) to copy the highlighted selection of the current document to the Clipboard.

Copy (Block) in spreadsheets. Click this button to copy the contents in the highlighted block of cells, but not the case names (or numbers) and variable names associated with the highlighted cells. Use Copy with Headers from the Edit menu to copy the highlighted block of cells with the corresponding case and variable names; see What is the difference between copy and copy with headers? for more details. Note that you can select an entire spreadsheet by clicking on the upper-left corner of the spreadsheet (in the Info Box).


Technical note on spreadsheets. In order to increase compatibility with other applications, STATISTICA automatically produces a variety of special Clipboard formats. For example, spreadsheet formats are produced and will be used when you paste the contents of the Clipboard (copied from STATISTICA) into a spreadsheet document in Microsoft Excel or other applications.