Cut (Block) Button

Click the button (or press CTRL+X) to cut (remove) the contents of the currently highlighted selection and copy it to the Clipboard. When this option is used in a spreadsheet, the cleared cells are replaced with the missing data values of the respective variables.

Clipboard operations vs. global operations on cases or variables. Note that unlike the global operations performed on ranges of cases or variables and treating them as logical units (see Global operations on cases and Global operations on variables) the Clipboard operations follow standard conventions and apply only to the current selection. They depend entirely on the current (highlighted) block and cursor position.

For example, note that the global operation of deleting or moving variables affects (removes) not only the contents of the respective columns but also the columns themselves; thus, these operations change the structure of the datafile (and those operations are always performed on entire variables regardless of whether all cases or only a subset of cases is currently highlighted in the selected variables). In the case of Clipboard operations, however, only the segment of data that is highlighted will be cut, and (following the common spreadsheet conventions) pasting will always begin from the current cursor position and proceed down.

Thus, for example, if in order to move a variable, you (a) highlight and cut an entire column, (b) highlight another (entire) column, and then (c) paste the Clipboard contents to that new location (intending to "replace" the previous values), the operation will be performed as intended only if you have placed the cursor at the top of the new column. If you have placed it somewhere in the middle, then the pasting will start from that point down.