Multiple Copies of Data Source

This node will create multiple copies of the input data source for further analyses with other analytic or data cleaning/filtering nodes. By default, only mappings into the original data source will be created, so no actual data need to be copied (multiplied); optionally, you can also subset and/or select cases (observations) and variables, as selected for the original data source. This node is useful when you want to perform different analyses on the same data source, requiring different selections of variables.


Number of copies. Specifies the number of copies to be created for further analyses from each input data source.

Type of copy operation. Use this option to determine the type of the copy operation to be performed: If you select Clone original data source, then multiple mappings into the original data will be created, and no actual data will be copied (multiplied); if you select Copy, create spreadsheets, then multiple data spreadsheets will be created from the data in the input data source; if you select Copy, subset variables, create spreadsheets, then multiple spreadsheets will be created with the selected (active) variables only (i.e., a subset of the variables in the original input data source); if you select Copy, select cases, create spreadsheets, then only selected cases will be copied into multiple spreadsheets; if you select Copy subset variables, select cases, then only selected (active) variables and selected cases (observations) will be copied into the spreadsheets on output.