Select Object

The configuration objects are displayed from which to select. Browse to the desired configuration object and click OK.

View as tree. Selecting this option presents the objects in the System View.

View as list. Selecting this option presents the objects in an alphabetical listing.

Refresh. Click this button to update the list of available configurations. When multiple users are working together on configurations, this option is helpful to verify that all the configurations are listed.

None. This check box is useful when deploying (saving) a workspace to Enterprise. A workspace typically already has a data source embedded within the document. Therefore, the user does not need a Data Configuration.

This option is also helpful when deploying a macro to Enterprise to create an Analysis Configuration. For example, there is a standard set of graphs and statistics that should be generated on a data set. But, each user will want to customize or annotate the output based on the specific assignment. The data set can come from a variety of sources, therefore it is not possible to create and link to one Data Configuration. The user can import the data into a Statistica Spreadsheet, and run the Analysis Configuration against the spreadsheet.

OK. Click this button to accept the settings and close the dialog box.

Cancel. Click this button to close the dialog box. Any specifications will be disregarded.